Here are the terms when using Filebase Assets

Filebase Model Usage

Filebase Models are royalty free unless otherwise noted. This means that you are not required to make any future payments (or pay further royalty fees) and you may use 3D Models in multiple projects, forever. 

Detailed list of allowed uses

News, film, movies, television programs, video projects, multi-media projects, theatrical display, software user interfaces; architectural renderings, computer games, virtual worlds, simulation and training environments, corporate communications, marketing collateral, tradeshow promotional items, booth decorations and presentations, pre-visualizations, product prototyping and research, mobile, web, print, television, billboard advertising, online and electronic publications of blogs, literature, social media, email campaigns, website designs and layouts, desktop and mobile wallpapers, screensavers, toolbar skins, books, magazines, posters, greeting cards, 3d printing, apparel items, brochures, framed or printed artwork, household items, office items, lenticular prints, product packaging and manufactured products.

prohibited uses

Redistributing or otherwise making Filebase Models available to end-users.
If you are redistributing something that includes actual 3D Model files, the 3D Model files must be incorporated into a larger creation and not in an open format that others can be downloaded. Most game engines, such as Unity and Unreal, handle this automatically. In general, to prevent your end-users from obtaining Filebase Models, you should use proprietary formats that cannot be extracted, exported, or decompiled without reverse engineering.

Open Systems. You typically may NOT include 3D Models in Creations that have the general functionality for importing and/or exporting 3D Models. Please contact us and describe your Creation in detail if this is your desired use. An example of such a prohibited use is to include 3D Models as a starter library within a standard retail Software Creation that allows users to generally work with 3D Models, even if the 3D Model itself is somehow protected and is not capable of being exported. An allowed use is for custom or enterprise software in certain circumstances.

Virtual Good Sales. You may NOT import, upload, reproduce, make available, publish, transmit, distribute, or sublicense 3D Models in Creations of virtual goods or worlds for any 3D community (“Virtual World”), unless you or your Client owns the Virtual World platform and it complies with the previous restrictions.

Using Filebase 3D Models in Virtual Worlds.
This use is prohibited if the virtual world-type is an open MMO, like Second Life. However, the use is allowed if the MMO is a closed MMO, like World of Warcraft. More specifically, the 3D Model may not be exported or sold.

No Depicted Intellectual Property. You may NOT reproduce Depicted Intellectual Property in any Creation of Physical Form for any purpose. For example, you may NOT make Physical Form Creations of a copyrighted character (Spiderman, Elsa, Slimer), or branded technology (Apple, Toshiba, Samsung).

Competition. You may NOT use 3D Models in a way that competes with the Site, including distributing through 3D Model Clearinghouses. You may NOT publish, distribute, or make 3D Models available through any online clearinghouse infrastructure. You may not redistribute 3D Models as part of any design template, After Effects template, stock photography, video or clip art for distribution or licensing through any online stock media clearinghouse whatever.

Re-Distribution. You may NOT re-distribute, publish, or make 3D Models available to any third party except in the form of a permitted Creation, or shared as authorized in this agreement.

Group Buying. You may NOT aggregate funds to Purchase 3D Models with one or more other parties. An example of this prohibited use is a website membership where members pool their money to make a single Purchase that is shared by the members of the group. Each such member must Purchase individually.

False Attribution. You may NOT misrepresent yourself as the creator of 3D Models.

Prohibited Educational Uses:
You may not redistribute any altered or unaltered 3D Models to your students for access on their personal computers (i.e. it is only allowed for school/university owned computers). 

Introduction & Definitions

“3D Model” is the collection of one or more digital files, packaged in the form of a product on the Site that can be identified by a 3D Model ID, and that is made available to you on the Site. A 3D Model may include 3D Model files, geometry, texture maps, materials, motion captures, renderings and other constituent files related to the 3D Model data and its representation.

“Site” refers to the Filebase/GameDevHQ websites, API’s, software applications or any approved means or utility either currently in existence or in the future; the software and source code used by GameDevHQ to provide such services; user interface layouts, designs, images, text, knowledgebase articles, program offers; site information provided in reports (such as popular keyword searches); and all other intellectual property protected under copyright, trademark, patent, publicity, or any other proprietary right.

Ownership. GameDevHQ/Filebase does not grant title or ownership in 3D Models. All rights in 3D Models not expressly granted in this agreement are reserved by GameDevHQ/Filebase for itself and its licensors.

Rights Granted. For 3D Models, GameDevHQ/Filebase grants to you a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right and license to copy, distribute, reproduce, adapt, publicly display, publicly perform, digitally perform, transmit, broadcast, telecast, advertise, create derivative works, and market 3D Models within Creations in the uses authorized in this agreement. You may request authorization for a use not covered by this agreement (“New Use”) by through the support channel.  GameDevHQ/Filebase is authorized to approve a New Use if GameDevHQ/Filebase finds in its sole judgment that the New Use is substantially similar to another established use in this agreement and authorizes the New Use in writing.