Filebase 5.0.1
for unity

Download Today

Filebase 5.0.1

Click here to download for users using Unity 2020 and higher. This version eliminates the .json error that occurs when downloading older versions of Filebase.

Filebase for unity 2019 and earlier

Click here to download the legacy 5.0.0 version of Filebase for users Pre-Unity 2019 that contains the .json package.

How to get started with filebase

Step 1

Install Filebase into your Unity Project.  Simply drag it in and import all of the assets.  Be sure NOT to remove or move the assets once installed.

Step 2

Open Filebase on the top menu or the “`” key.

Step 3

Login to Filebase using your username/password from this site.

Step 4

Begin downloading assets into your game.

Step 5

Make beautiful games.

EULA Agreement

Learn more about the specifics of the EULA Agreement for using Filebase Assets.