Filebase for Unity

Filebase Overview

A guide to using Filebase

How to use Filebase

  1. Sign up for a monthly or yearly plan.
  2. Click search to browse assets and when logged in, press the download button to download the asset.  Unzip the file and drop the Unity Asset into your Unity Project.
  3. Legacy Filebase plugin for Unity available at the bottom of the “How to use Filebase” tab.  Add to unity and press the “~” button to open.


Yes. The assets you download with an active subscription are yours to use in your games.   We have placed a limiter on how many assets can be downloaded in a 24 hour period.  This value may change but it’s to prevent bots and users who abuse the library.  Please view our EULA to see the terms of use for assets for commercial, educational, and personal use as well as with an active or non-active membership.

Yes. We love building request. You can submit a request on the discord or email.

No. Please visit to learn more about the Professional Unity Developer Program.

Yes – keep an eye out as we often run free trial promotions. If you decide to use it, we offer a monthly or yearly option.

Please do.  Please let us know of any problems you run into with Filebase and we will actively work to remedy it.  We love this library and want to make it the best it can be.  Please let us know right away and give us a description of what happened, what assets it hung up on, or what specifically happened so we can repeat it.

Let us know right away.  There may be an issue with your country’s or local ISP that blocks your IP address or prevents AWS from connecting.  Please use the website if you run into problems to download assets.

  • I can’t log in because it says I’m using an incorrect username/password – try setting your upper-case letters in your email address to lower case.  
  • I can’t download anything – try logging out then back in.  If that doesn’t work, contact support and we will sort it out.
  • My assets are not listed in my downloads folder anymore – hit the resync button under your profile name.  
  • I am building my game and it crashes with a Filebase dll error – Click the Filebase Plugin in your Project folder and in the inspector, turn off “any platform”.
  • In Unity 2020, there is this weird newtonsoft issue. I can’t get Filebase to open – Open up the plugin folder inside Filebase and delete the newtonsoft files.  Filebase will rebuild and you should be able to open it then.
  • My download stops at 10% – This is a problem on our end.  Please email us letting us know what asset it is and we will fix it.
  • Occasionally, the thumbnails return black – Sometimes, minor lag causes images not to load.  Simply progress and go back a page and it should load.

Support links

Please reach out to us using the following channels:

  1. Email us using the button below.

  2. Hop onto discord and connect with us in our discord channel here:
  3. Message admin directly on the page.

It’s all about visibility and email is the most immediate and noticeable.  We will try to respond as quickly as possible.