Scifi Supply Assets 01

A pack of scifi crate, scifi first aid kit, scifi generator, and scifi locker.

  • 33.6 MB
  • Scifi crate – 6459 tris
  • Scifi First aid kit – 736 tris
  • Scifi generator – 9184 tris
  • Scifi locker base – 596 tris
  • Scifi locker door – 630 tris

How do I download this asset?

To download the asset, you need to subscribe to our service.  Once that’s done, download the Filebase app, import it into Unity, and open the app up inside Unity.  Log into your account and download assets into your project using our app embedded INSIDE Unity.

We have a step-by-step tutorial to show how to integrate Filebase into your project.  Click the Filebase Overview link or download the Filebase app below and import it into your Unity project.