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Certification-Option A

Are you ready to prove that you are truly a game developer?  Feel confident enough to earn that certification?  Here’s how you do it.

Download this project.  Within 5 days, complete this entire game and upload to as a WebGL build.  A game design document and a complete list of all elements necessary for completion in a PDF inside the project.  Build a video game.  Show us that you are a game developer.  Once complete, send us a link to your game at [email protected].  We will play the game and see if you met all of the required elements.  If so, we will send you your digital Game Developer Certification.

  • Size – 33.0 MB

**You have your choice between options A-D.  You only have to complete one of these.  We provided 4 options so you can choose the theme you like the most.

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How do I download this asset?

Log into the site.  Click the “Download Now” button and the file will begin downloading from the browser.  Unzip the file, drag the project file into your Unity project, and you are done.