Certification-Option D

A starter file for the game developer certification course

Are you ready to prove that you are truly a game developer?  Feel confident enough to earn that certification?  Here’s how you do it.

Download this project.  Within 5 days, complete this entire game and upload to itch.io as a WebGL build.  A game design document and a complete list of all elements necessary for completion in a PDF inside the project.  Build a video game.  Show us that you are a game developer.  Once complete, send us a link to your game at [email protected]  We will play the game and see if you met all of the required elements.  If so, we will send you your digital Game Developer Certification.

  • Size – 33.0 MB

**You have your choice between options A-D.  You only have to complete one of these.  We provided 4 options so you can choose the theme you like the most.


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